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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation more than 2/3rds of Medicare beneficiaries surveyed on the 2018 open enrollment period didn't look at other plan options. If you don't speak to a licensed agent or explore Medicare plans, you could be missing out on benefits as there are always changes. From October 15th to December 7th you have the opportunity to review your plans and in many cases you can make changes. I've provided some questions and answers you may have about making changes to help build your knowledge. Schedule time with a licensed agent for a free no obligation review at 952 - 209 -7320.

I have Original Medicare (Parts A & B). What are my options and implications ?

Join a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) with or without built-in drug coverage. Note that you may be charged a penalty if you do not currently have other creditable drug coverage.

Join a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D). A penalty may apply here as well if you do not currently have other creditable drug coverage.

Make no changes and your current coverage will renew as is.

Do I have to renew my Medicare plan?


If you decide to keep your current Medicare plan, just keep paying your premium and other cost. There are no other actions you need to take.

Thinking about switching Medicare plans?


If you are seeking different coverages or your current plan has changed, taking advantage of annual enrollment could be your opportunity to explore your options. You can compare Medicare advantage plans and Medicare supplement plans during this time period.

What changed can I make during AEP?

Drop coverage for Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare.

Add Medicare Part D, if already have original Medicare

Move from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan. If you make this move, you may be able to drop Medicare Part D as most Medicare Advantage plans have prescription drug coverage.

Drop your current Part D or Medicare Advantage plan and enroll in a new one.

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